For the first time ever a group of swimmers will swim across the Dead Sea!

1/ Extremely salty water (up to 36%) and thus requires a special full-face snorkeling mask.


2/ Due to the high density you float unnaturally and have to adapt your swimming style and posture accordingly.


3/ It is dangerous! A drop in the eye causes severe irritation and chance swallowing of the water can be fatal if not treated immediately. (We are accompanied by a professional medical team).


4/ A swimmer should practice and experience these conditions of the Sea at least once or twice prior to “D” day.

5/ Politics- this region is rife with conflict.  The area that pays a heavy price due to the unstable political situation is the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley.


The purpose of our swim-

raise awareness and understanding of the condition of the Sea and its surroundings and initiate a regional process of legislation, implementation and enforcement.

Our cause-

to save the Dead Sea from drying out and vanishing



by enactment of a "Law of the Dead Sea" by which it will regain 800 million cubic meters of water per year. This will halt the continued deterioration of its poor situation.


The Challenges-

the challenges are a unique combination of logistical, physical, and above all the politics of this harsh and complex region;