We came to the sad realization that we are probably the last generation that can stop the sinking of the Dead Sea and the resultant destruction of its surroundings and thus, we are obliged to act immediately and in the best manner in which we can express ourselves and that is - swimming.

Udi Erell
Love sailing and open water swim.
Udi is a marathon open water swimmer. Udi is the Cyprus Israel Swim founder.
Adina Faur
Ex professional swimmer that holds several records. Marathon open water swimmer. Adina is a swimming coach and water feels like home...
Kim Chambers
Kim Chambers is a marathon open water swimmer from New Zealand living in San Francisco, and is a member of the Night Train Swimmers. Kim is the 6th person in history to complete the Oceans Seven swimming challenge, and most recently she set a world record becoming the first and only woman in the world to swim from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Ram Barkai
Founder of the International Ice Swimming Association. Specializing in winter swimming and known for his ability to withstand extremely cold waters.
Abigail Thomson
From the UK, now based in South Africa. Loves working in agriculture, swimming in great African lakes and learning how to see things differently. Happiest outside and on an adventure!
Lifeguard on one of the northern dead sea shore. Real passionate of the dead sea
Avishag Turek
Ultra Open Water marathon swimmer. Live ,write and breath water. Love challenges and adventures,
Ori Sela
Cyprus Israel Swimmer. Swimming coach, founder and owner of Water World and WEST swimming technique.
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Lifeguard on one of the northern dead sea shore. Real passionate of the dead sea